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Our History
Shenzhen Kai-Chuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, which is a private high-tech company dedicated to research and development, design, production, sales and customization of 3C mobile electronic peripheral products, smart toy accessories and healthy living products. The company has advanced production and testing equipment, condensed excellent research and development, production, management and sales team, adhere to steady operation, continuous innovation, to provide competitive products and services for global consumers.
In 2017, the company established its own brand Kcpella and opened online trading platform such as Amazon to provide consumers with a more convenient shopping experience.

Our Factory
The company factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters, and has a professional production and testing equipment more than 300 Taiwan. Metal Tester ICP-OES, organic Tester GC/MS and other testing equipment are complete, to ensure product safety, environmental protection and other requirements, from development, mold design and production, Production process development to manufacturing, are controlled by the quality management procedures to ensure product quality.

Our Product
Company's main products are HDMI cable, USB and other mobile phone cable;
Car charger, analog servo, digital servo, converters and other digital electronic peripherals;
Wireless charger, wireless home, wireless Bluetooth speakers and other electronic home appliances;
AR smart toy gun, electronic building blocks, wooden puzzle and other children's toys;
Car speakers, car quick charger and other automotive products.

Product Application
Digital electronic peripheral products are mainly to mobile phones, tablet PCs, etc, supporting customized services for business and individual customers. According to customer needs, Toys Provide CPSIA environmental protection processing. Company's existing proprietary products are wireless charger, USB cable, etc, for consumer electronics companies and individuals; HDMI, power cable, etc, suitable for electronic product design company; Car fast charge for car peripheral products company.

Our Certificate
The factory has a perfect ISO 9001 certification quality management system. Every link of the Product strictly implement the ISO9001: 2008 quality system directives in R&D, production, commissioning, inspection and testing, and so on. All kinds of products are in accordance with the requirements through the national CQC, CCC certification, the EU CE certification, Canada and North America UL certification and the United States FCC certification and other authoritative safety certification.

Production Equipment
Company focused on electronic products, digital products, household appliances design and development, manufacturing and sales. Mainly with high-speed stranding machine, cutting machine, metal tester, organic tester and other professional production and testing equipment more than 300 Taiwan, to ensure product quality and delivery cycle.

Production Market
The company's products spread all over the Europe, United States, India, Canada and the domestic market. In 2016, the annual sales volume of the offline reaches 10 million yuan. In 2017, the company opened the Online sales of Amazon and AliExpress. The sales continued to grow rapidly.

Our Service
Company's products have passed ROHS, CE, UL, CPSIA and other related certification tests. Products on sale have qualified logo and related instructions. In accordance with the requirements of customers to develop product quality standards, 100% performance testing before shipment inspection, the quality of non-manufacturing defects, not defective library-oriented, strict control of product quality. Specialist follow-up order delivery quality and progress, real-time feedback to customers of the progress of delivery and quality status, response to customer needs timely. The company has excellent customer service team, adopting the tracking responsibility system to avoid the communication and delivery problems caused by staff switch, to provide quality customer service.Analog Signal
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